Google Docs

Google Docs & Spreadsheets.

It sounds boring until you try it: a browser-based word processor with most of your favorite features from Microsoft Word. Fonts, formatting, spelling, images, search and replace, word counter, comments, and the track-changes feature. Google Docs saves to HTML, Word, and PDF formats, among others.

Best of all, Google’s word processor starts saving the file to backup servers as soon as you start typing—you don’t have to remember to save it yourself. Files are automatically stored online, where you have the option of sharing them with other users. (You can also save them to your desktop.) Documents can also be edited online and immediately updated by users in different countires and timezones.

In a nutshell:

  • Each doc can have a maximum size of 500K, plus up to 2MB per embedded image.
  • Spreadsheets: Each can be up to 256 columns, 200,000 cells, or 100 sheets–whichever is reached first. There’s no limit on rows.
  • Presentations: Files in .ppt and .pps formats can have a maximum size of 10MB or 200 slides; files uploaded from the Web can be up to 2MB; emailed files can be up to 500K.
  • PDFs: You can store up to 10MB per PDF from your computer and 2MB from the Web in your Docs list, up to 100 PDFs.

All our websites made with Google Apps include Google Docs