Terms & Conditions


Payment for all websites is made in advance.

All websites include a 30 day money back guarantee.

All websites include an acknowledgement link to twentyone (placement is negotiable).

All changes in the first 2 weeks of owning your website are done free of charge.

Twentyone is not responsible for any damages to your content, website or other damages, malfunctions or service interruptions caused by you, or by anyone you may have provided access to administer your website.

Twentyone cannot guarantee that the contents of your website will never be deleted or corrupted, or that a backup of a website will always be available. We recommend storing a copy of your website on a local computer and we strongly suggest you make an additional copy (on external drive, another desktop, or in the cloud) to ensure the availability of the files.

Hosting & Maintenance payments must be set up as an automatic payment. Defaulting on the payment will result in the website being taken off-line.



Hosting Only
$25 per month (+ gst)

WordPress, Theme and Plug-in Software Updates $10 per month (+gst)

Updates to WordPress core, plugins, and themes increase security by patching vulnerabilities and strengthening against attacks. To reduce the risk of your site being hacked or compromised in some other way we recommend regular updating. Before any update it is important to make a backup of your website. Twentyone uses Updraft Plus – a great service that makes a copy of your entire WordPress website and sends it to your personal dropbox/googledrive/onedrive folder.

From time to time these updates can break things on your website. Should the website require maintenance following template or WordPress upgrades this will be charged for at a rate of $90 per hour.




To make a copy of your websites pages (text and images) please do the following:

1. Open your website in your preferred browser (Safari/Chrome/Firefox etc…)
2. Go to your browser window and click on the File tab. Select from the dropdown menu “Save Page As“. Enter the name of your page and save it to your Documents folder (or a removable storage disk).
3. Do this for each and every page of your website.

While we cannot restore your website from this backup we can use the images and text to recreate your website.