Custom Designed Websites

21° uses an open source web development platform called WordPress. This is a reliable and user-friendly web platform for both the public and back-end website users.  It also allows for considerable development and can be modified/upgraded easily by any web developer.

We aim to make your website display beautifully and intuitively on all devices by using CSS to trigger different layout sets at various screen sizes. This means your visitors will have less zooming, scrolling and clicking!

Includes: websites made using WordPress, free, open source software perfect for websites and blogs – or both.
Costs: from $1500 including GST  talk to us about your needs and we will work out a price to suit.

see some examples


Hosting: $25 per month. See our terms & conditions

WordPress, Theme and Plug-in Software Updates $10 per month

Updates to WordPress core, plugins, and themes increase security by patching vulnerabilities and strengthening against attacks. To reduce the risk of your site being hacked or compromised in some other way we recommend regular updating.

From time to time these updates can break things on your website. Should the website require maintenance following template or WordPress upgrades this will be charged for at a rate of $90 per hour.