Website Framework and Graphic Design
Compelling graphic elements optimised for download speed. Chose from a simple site with a custom designed banner or our standard site with full graphic design.

Content Management System

The “backoffice” where you can easily change and add content yourself – as simple as editing a word document


You tell us all about your business – we find the best words to tell your story

Domain Set-up

New or transfer to a domain provider that supports Google

Email Set-up and up to 50 email addresses for your team, family or friends

Email Client Set-up

Consolidating all your email accounts into one. Choose a client to suit (Outlook, Google mail etc)


Enter where you need to be and when and Google will remind you with a text message for free!


Word processing and spreadsheets to share with team members, family and friends

Google Analytics and Webmaster

A a host of resources to enhance, increase and monitor traffic to your site

Google Local Business Centre

A map of your business on Google maps so that people can easily find you


In no time at all you’ll be your own webmaster

Paypal Shopping Cart

A great product for selling online which makes it really easy for your customers to pay securely with their credit card (and its free to join).

Short for favourite icon, this nifty graphic can be seen in the top tab of popular websites like your online bank or Google’s home page.